Here By The Water

I changed the name of my blog. Let’s face it, “Candace2010″ was not the greatest name. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and considering a lot of different names. I thought about doing a poll so that I could have some help picking a name. But, in the end, I have chosen one myself. It has taken me several days to figure out HOW to make this change on my site, but I have finally done it! The web address is still the same for now but that might be changing soon, too (if I can figure out how to do that one!).

Well, you are probably wondering about the meaning of the name that I chose. The words come from a song that we sing from time to time here at Reba Place. The song was written by a local song-writer named Jim Croegaert. The lyrics of this song seemed particularly pertinent to my life as it is in this particular season. Also, this is the only time in my life that I have lived near a large body of water, so I write this blog, quite literally, “here by the water” of lake Michigan. I also think that being near the water is symbolic in many ways – being near the living water who sustains me is definitely a focus of my life.

Because poetry often says it better than a long explanation, here are the words to the song:

Here By The Water

Jim Croegaert

Soft field of clover
Moon shining over the valley
Joining the song of the river
To the great giver of the great good

As it enfolds me
Somehow it holds me together
I realize I've been singing
Still it comes ringing
Clearer than clear

And here by the water
I'll build an altar to praise Him
Out of the stones that I've found here
I'll set them down here
Rough as they are

Knowing You can make them holy
Knowing You can make them holy
Knowing You can make them holy

I think how a yearning
Has kept on returning to move me
Down roads I'd never have chosen
Half the time frozen
Too numb to feel

I know it was stormy
I hope it was for me learning
Blood on the road wasn't mine though
Someone that I know
Has walked here before

I am often walking down roads I’d never have chosen. I’m growing up. Learning who I am in God’s big world, and in my small apartment with two young children. Far away from any home I have ever known.Seeing nature in a new way. Literally walking on frozen Chicago sidewalks, pushing past what I thought I could do. Finding solace in the sight of the water. Laying down my stones at the feet of my Lord. They are indeed rough, but I found them myself. And, I am worshipping and dancing and rejoicing each day, as I know that the pain and trials are worth it. And, knowing deep down, that even when it feels like just the opposite, I am becoming the person that God created me to be. And, because of this, I build an altar. I set down my stones. Knowing you will make them holy.

(You can find the song on iTunes. You should look it up…it’s lovely!!)

And so, I write these words to you “here by the water” – physical and spiritual water. These are my reflections, snapshots, and memories from this leg of the pilgrimage of my life. It is a blessing to me to write them, and I hope that it is a blessing to you to read them.


One thought on “Here By The Water

  1. I’m glad I’ve found your blog again! BTW the link from your old one is missing : so it didn’t go anywhere. I found you by clicking on the side link. Just an fyi 🙂

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