100 Miracles and a Few Kiddo Quotes

Josh and I went to New Mexico last week. It was our first time away from our kids. Jane and Chris (Josh’s parents) flew in from Florida to stay with Jedidiah and Lilia. The trip was amazing. Truly, the whole trip was a gift that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The words that keep coming into my head are “100 miracles.” Little things and really big ones – too many things to say right now. I’m not quite ready to write a blog about it. But, I will once I’ve had a little time to process things.

In the mean time, here are a few quotes from my beloved children (who, might I say, seem oh so delightful, adorable, and hilarious after being away from them for 5 days!)…

Jedidiah: Pirates are bold, brave, and ready!
Me: I wanna be bold, brave, and ready.
Jedidiah: Then, you’re a pirate! (a few minutes pass) Let’s be the McCallister crew!!
and so we are….


Lilia: It’s slippelly on the flah! (in other words, “it’s slippery on the floor”)
(we’ve been having a lot of fun repeating that one tonight)


Lilia: “Why you taste your finger, momma?”

Me: “I was just picking something out of my tooth.”

LIlia: “You need use a toothpick, momma!”



Little Things I Want to Remember about Today…

We went on a big grocery shopping outing this afternoon – 2 grocery stores and 2 other errands with a mother and son from China along for journey. Jedidiah and Lilia were very patient despite quite a bit of waiting. In the car we were talking about how tonight would be Sabbath, and Jedidiah said in a sweet voice, “Sabbath is the best holiday, because it comes every week!” Ahhh….moments like those remind me of my deep love for my son and encourage me as a mother. (See a great post on kairos moments here.)

In the second grocery store of our adventure, Lilia’s darling face and happy demeanor charmed a sweet foreign butcher. He was talking to her in a high voice and waving to her. We were getting salmon, and he was waving the salmon around to make her smile. He looked at me and said, “I going to cut the skin off [of the salmon]…for da’ baby.” I really love all the positive attention one gets when there’s a cute little kiddo adding smiles and life to a regular daily routine. I want to cherish these moments.

And so, I write them down. 😉

The Past Few Weeks

I am a little behind on blogging, as you can tell. Here are some pictures to catch you up on our family’s activities over advent and the holidays. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Happy 2012!

As we do not have an official nativity, Jedidiah had the idea of making one out of popsicle sticks. It actually turned out pretty well!

We celebrated our friend Seth’s third birthday at a fun play place…

We had our first snows of the year (both of which melted very quickly)…

We waited and waited and got extra-excited about seeing grandparents, and we enjoyed making silly faces in general…

We did crafting, crafting, and more crafting (pictures to come).

We rode an AMTRAK train to Arkansas…

And, we had a memorable and very merry Christmas with my family (highlights from the trip are coming up in the next post)…

We also had a delightful New Years celebration with a few other families. Our celebration was complete with a countdown, confetti, noise makers, and sparkling grape juice – all at 8 pm!

Lilia Says…

Here are a few new words Lilia has added to her vocabulary…

“Actually” – She has been using this word frequently these days. It makes her sound quite precocious.

“Blow-nex” – This is what she has been asking for when she has a runny nose. 🙂

“Josh” and “Candace” – She has discovered our real names and sometimes uses them when referring to us while talking to some one else. Last night at our potluck, she told the group who asked where Josh was: “Josh is working right now.”

“Tu-toot” – This is how Lilia says “tutu” – one of her very favorite words, of course.


And a few funny things she has said lately…

-Every time I help Lilia put on tights (which is often), she makes sure that I don’t pull the tights up high over her belly. If I do, then she tells me: “Don’t pull my tights over my belly. It’s NOT a shirt!”

-Lilia has been calling Gonzo (our 9-year-old male cat) her “daughter.” It’s really hilarious to me. Last night, we let Gonzo outside for a little while, and Lilia said, “I need to go outside and be with my daughter.”


Thanksgiving & A Few Lilia Quotes

This year, we spent Thanksgiving at home for the first time in our marriage. I have to admit there were many things I missed about being with family. In some ways, staying home on Thanksgiving felt like the holiday turned into just a regular day of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children. But, it did turn out to be a really nice day in the end. We had several guests over – friends from church and the neighborhood. We made lots of delicious food. The kids and I made decorations, and I think that our home looked very festive for the occasion. The kids had a great time entertaining our guests after the meal – talking about all the things they are thankful for, showing off ballet and karate moves, and doing all sorts of cute and silly things.

The past few days, it has been Lilia who has been cracking me up with her comments. Here are a few…

– We made a special juice punch with juices and sparkling water for the Thanksgiving meal. Lilia really liked it, but left some in her glass for an hour or more after dinner. When she went back to drink it, she said, “It’s not punch anymore! I need new punch, momma.” The punch had gotten “flat,” so to her it wasn’t even punch anymore!

– Tonight, we went to a wedding rehearsal dinner with Greek food. Lilia really like the falafel and kept saying, “I want more waffles!”

– Lilia and I made a white turkey chili in the crock pot today. She has only seen me make beans in the crock pot for our weekly “beans and rice night.” When I went to put other ingredients into the crock pot she said, “No, momma! It’s a bean pot!”

– Misunderstandings….Lilia still has some unclear words, and a few of my misunderstandings have been really funny, too. Tonight, she saw a picture of our neighbor Rob speaking into a microphone. She looked at it and said, “Rob has make up on?” Really, she meant, “Rob has microphone?” Then, tonight in the bath, she said (in a distressed tone), “I am naked and wet!” I responded with a laugh, and something about how that’s just how it is in the bath! She really said, “Band-aid is wet!”

I hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend! Josh did take some pictures with his fancy camera – I will try to post those soon.

Gramma Said I Could

“Gamma” (Lilia’s way of saying Gramma) is her new reason and excuse for just about everything. One night recently, I was putting her to bed, and she had a piece of paper and pen that she was using to draw. I told her to put the pen and paper away because it was time to go to sleep. She looked at me, quite offended, and said, “It’s for my Gamma.” A few days ago, Lilia’s friend Seth was over and was feeling sad about leaving to go home. His mom asked if he could borrow one of the musical instruments that he had been playing with (they live across the hall from us). His mom picked up a cowbell and offered it to Seth as a possibility. Lilia objected saying, “No, it’s my Gamma’s.” When Jedidiah wants to play with something Lilia has, she often uses a similar excuse, saying, “It’s special. My Gamma gave it to me.” I’m sure she picked up on her brother saying this about things that his Gramma actually DID give him.

Once recently, she even used this one on me. I pulled out a purse I hadn’t used in a long time since my current purse handle had broken. The old purse was one that I had let Lilia play with from time to time. She saw me put it over my shoulder and said, “Momma, my Gamma gave me that purse! It’s special!” I laughed and said, “Nope! I bought this purse in Thailand with my own money, and I’ve had it since long before you were born.” She said, “Oh”…which is her usual response. But, it did take her a long time to get over this one. She still sometimes says, “Mommy wearing a dress-up purse?” I guess that purse was definitely hers in her mind.

So, she hasn’t quite used the excuse that “Gramma said I could…,” but it might not be long. I thought you’d like to know that she’s thinking about you, Gamma. Lilia appreciates all the special things you give her (or the things she thinks you gave her), and we’ve got your cowbell for you when you need it!