100 Miracles and a Few Kiddo Quotes

Josh and I went to New Mexico last week. It was our first time away from our kids. Jane and Chris (Josh’s parents) flew in from Florida to stay with Jedidiah and Lilia. The trip was amazing. Truly, the whole trip was a gift that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The words that keep coming into my head are “100 miracles.” Little things and really big ones – too many things to say right now. I’m not quite ready to write a blog about it. But, I will once I’ve had a little time to process things.

In the mean time, here are a few quotes from my beloved children (who, might I say, seem oh so delightful, adorable, and hilarious after being away from them for 5 days!)…

Jedidiah: Pirates are bold, brave, and ready!
Me: I wanna be bold, brave, and ready.
Jedidiah: Then, you’re a pirate! (a few minutes pass) Let’s be the McCallister crew!!
and so we are….


Lilia: It’s slippelly on the flah! (in other words, “it’s slippery on the floor”)
(we’ve been having a lot of fun repeating that one tonight)


Lilia: “Why you taste your finger, momma?”

Me: “I was just picking something out of my tooth.”

LIlia: “You need use a toothpick, momma!”



One thought on “100 Miracles and a Few Kiddo Quotes

  1. Mallary Wiley says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about your time in New Mexico!

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