Little Things I Want to Remember about Today…

We went on a big grocery shopping outing this afternoon – 2 grocery stores and 2 other errands with a mother and son from China along for journey. Jedidiah and Lilia were very patient despite quite a bit of waiting. In the car we were talking about how tonight would be Sabbath, and Jedidiah said in a sweet voice, “Sabbath is the best holiday, because it comes every week!” Ahhh….moments like those remind me of my deep love for my son and encourage me as a mother. (See a great post on kairos moments here.)

In the second grocery store of our adventure, Lilia’s darling face and happy demeanor charmed a sweet foreign butcher. He was talking to her in a high voice and waving to her. We were getting salmon, and he was waving the salmon around to make her smile. He looked at me and said, “I going to cut the skin off [of the salmon]…for da’ baby.” I really love all the positive attention one gets when there’s a cute little kiddo adding smiles and life to a regular daily routine. I want to cherish these moments.

And so, I write them down. đŸ˜‰


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