Lilia Says…

Here are a few new words Lilia has added to her vocabulary…

“Actually” – She has been using this word frequently these days. It makes her sound quite precocious.

“Blow-nex” – This is what she has been asking for when she has a runny nose. 🙂

“Josh” and “Candace” – She has discovered our real names and sometimes uses them when referring to us while talking to some one else. Last night at our potluck, she told the group who asked where Josh was: “Josh is working right now.”

“Tu-toot” – This is how Lilia says “tutu” – one of her very favorite words, of course.


And a few funny things she has said lately…

-Every time I help Lilia put on tights (which is often), she makes sure that I don’t pull the tights up high over her belly. If I do, then she tells me: “Don’t pull my tights over my belly. It’s NOT a shirt!”

-Lilia has been calling Gonzo (our 9-year-old male cat) her “daughter.” It’s really hilarious to me. Last night, we let Gonzo outside for a little while, and Lilia said, “I need to go outside and be with my daughter.”



4 thoughts on “Lilia Says…

  1. Tom says:

    So sweeeeet! So funny too! Love you all!

  2. Lou Ann says:

    That is my sweet granddaughter – she is so smart and darn cute!

  3. Mallary Wiley says:

    I wish I could hear her saying it!

  4. Kelly Lawson says:

    Eisley calls us Kelly and Billy sometimes, too. Even after months of hearing her do it, it still catches me by surprise when she does! I think it’s cute now, but if she’s one of those teenagers that calls her parents by their first names, I know I won’t think it’s cute at all.

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