Gramma Said I Could

“Gamma” (Lilia’s way of saying Gramma) is her new reason and excuse for just about everything. One night recently, I was putting her to bed, and she had a piece of paper and pen that she was using to draw. I told her to put the pen and paper away because it was time to go to sleep. She looked at me, quite offended, and said, “It’s for my Gamma.” A few days ago, Lilia’s friend Seth was over and was feeling sad about leaving to go home. His mom asked if he could borrow one of the musical instruments that he had been playing with (they live across the hall from us). His mom picked up a cowbell and offered it to Seth as a possibility. Lilia objected saying, “No, it’s my Gamma’s.” When Jedidiah wants to play with something Lilia has, she often uses a similar excuse, saying, “It’s special. My Gamma gave it to me.” I’m sure she picked up on her brother saying this about things that his Gramma actually DID give him.

Once recently, she even used this one on me. I pulled out a purse I hadn’t used in a long time since my current purse handle had broken. The old purse was one that I had let Lilia play with from time to time. She saw me put it over my shoulder and said, “Momma, my Gamma gave me that purse! It’s special!” I laughed and said, “Nope! I bought this purse in Thailand with my own money, and I’ve had it since long before you were born.” She said, “Oh”…which is her usual response. But, it did take her a long time to get over this one. She still sometimes says, “Mommy wearing a dress-up purse?” I guess that purse was definitely hers in her mind.

So, she hasn’t quite used the excuse that “Gramma said I could…,” but it might not be long. I thought you’d like to know that she’s thinking about you, Gamma. Lilia appreciates all the special things you give her (or the things she thinks you gave her), and we’ve got your cowbell for you when you need it!


2 thoughts on “Gramma Said I Could

  1. While I’m glad Miss L values and appreciates our gifts, I don’t want to get in the way of your parenting!

  2. Candace2010 says:

    Jane – not at all in the way of our parenting! We just think it’s cute and hilarious! She hears us say similar things and doesn’t realize that we are not just making them up, too. We also think that it’s pretty funny what she decides belongs to you!

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