Sweet Siblings

Jedidiah and Lilia are becoming good friends and playmates. It is so fun watching this process happen. They will sometimes play happily together for long periods of time. Jedidiah just fits Lilia right in with whatever he is pretending to do. He may say that they are both dinosaurs – a role that Lilia plays very well (crawling around and putting lots of things in her mouth). He may pretend that they are running a restaurant or fixing cars. Lilia usually just hangs around and smiles a lot, because she loves being with her brother, or “buh,” as she calls him. Jedidiah is still the one who is most likely to incite Lilia to laughter. I will say that his “love” is often a little too much for his baby sister. He likes to put his face against hers or put his hands on her cheeks, and that drives her bonkers. And, she does sometimes mess up something he is building, so we are working on him telling us when sister is doing something upsetting instead of getting mad at her. One of my favorite things is that Jedidiah often refers to Lilia as “my baby.” He will introduce her this way to other people. I think this is a sign that he feels some responsibility for her, too. I have watched him “keep Lilia safe” by keeping her away from cords, taking small items away from her, and calling for me when she goes for the cat food (a frequent occurrence). As a side note, he is a little afraid that Lilia is going to eat and swallow his small toys, which is part of his impetus for taking them away from her. In fact, when he can’t find one of his toys, he will sometimes tell me that she ate it! Anyway, I love watching these two together, and it is getting more fun every day. I really think that we are embarking on a great phase in our lives and theirs – as they entertain each other and we are able to step back a little more and simply watch!

The top two pictures are the kids looking out Jedidiah’s window at the freshly fallen snow. The bottom three pictures are of an “airplane” that Jedidiah discovered on our kitchen wall. The light coming through the window formed this airplane-shaped design. Lilia was reaching for it, as I was taking the picture. 


2 thoughts on “Sweet Siblings

  1. Mallary says:

    I need to see those kiddos soon! Thanks for sharing your stories. It helps me to feel like I am seeing them grow up. I hope April comes quickly!

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